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Hiperwall used for Free Speech exhibit at UCI

A new thin-bezel Hiperwall is being used to present a multimedia exhibit on free speech and tolerance from April 29 through noon on May 5, 2010. The wall is set up in the Calit2 atrium, which really shows off the Hiperwall's brightness even in sunlit environments. Building hours are 7-7 on weekdays.

The movie content for the presentation was expertly produced by UCI's University Communications and captures thoughts from students and the Dean of the Law School on free speech and the First Amendment. The latest generation of the Hiperwall software coordinates showing and hiding content at specified times to focus attention and engross viewers in the material. Besides the videos, the content includes a 235 MPixel view of the UCI campus used as a backdrop for the show.

For pictures and a movie of UCI Chancellor Drake and other VIPs viewing the presentation, see

For the news release on the exhibit, see


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HIPerWall usage and availability

 The HIPerWall lab, including the two high-resolution tiled display walls, is available for research and other purposes to members of the UCI community and to external customers on a "recharge basis." For UCI users, the tentative rate is $50 per hour (still in the campus approval process), while the rate for external users is $78 per hour.

This gives you use of either or both display walls as well as technical training/support to help you use them. It does not include custom software development.

The calendar on the right column of this website shows times when the lab is not available. Please contact Prof. Jenks at for more details on availability, uses, and to schedule a time

Calit2 Advisory Board Meeting

Calit2@UCI hosted the semi-annual advisory board meeting on July 23. Prof. Stephen Jenks gave another perfect presentation about the HIPerWall research. Kai Doerr from UCSD was connected through OptIPuter network and gave a brief presentation through the HD video conferencing.



Awesome Artwork from Mark Stock

Mark Stock again kindly sent us another set of his amazing digital artwork.

"There Is No Cheese"


"... depicts an imaginary terrain, the elevations of which represent measurements of mRNA expression from seven different regions of brain tissue from ten strains of lab mouse..." from his website.

This almost feels like "the cake is a lie", hence the picture of me being mouse-d-up.



Both works are 43200 x 43200 pixels which is beyond the resolution of HIPerWall by far.

This is a youtube video showing these on HIPerWall.

Check out more pictures here.

The Stanford DisplayWall Project

Stanford School of Medicine is working on a display wall project for their new building and has tested an old version of TileViewer more than a year ago. A terribly late post but here we go.

The Stanford DisplayWall Project (HD) from Kingsley Willis on Vimeo.

Andrew Connolly, MD, featured in the video gave a short but very nice explanation of the necessity and utility of a high resolution display wall for research and education.

One interesting story is that at that time we provided the software to them thinking a 3D-mouse type input will be perfect for professors to navigate images while standing/teaching. Yet, professors did not like the 3D-mouse idea and wanted to have more simple yet intuitive control schemes.

A lesson to learn: do not assume your user interface design will be perfect for the end users.

Leadership Southern California

Shellie Nazarenus from Calit2 kindly informed us of this article featuring the demonstration Prof. Jenks gave to the Leadership Southern California 2009 Fellows last month.

It is always pleasure for us to support local community and leaders providing them the demonstration of the state-of-the-art technology such as HIPerWall.

Flickr photos

MacArthur Foundation Grantees Visit

About 100 grantees of MacArthur Foundation from the digital media and learning initiative from around the world visited HIPerWall and Calit2 Feb 19-20.

Prof. Jenks and I greeted these very enthusiastic guests by showing two walls.


(more pictures)

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How to make/get a HIPerWall

 I recently wrote a description of how to make/get a HIPerWall system for your research organization, business, conference room, etc. I plan to make this the last time I mention HIPerWall, Inc. or the Samsung UD products that incorporate HIPerWall technology, because this site is dedicated to the research, not commercialization. If you would like to work with us on research projects incorporating HIPerWall technology or applying HIPerWall to your project, please contact me.

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Article on HIPerWall in New U

A recent issue of UCI's newspaper, the New University, had an article about the HIPerWall, its research impacts, and the technology licensing. Though the article is full of egregious mistakes, some parts are reasonable, so I'll acknowledge its existence.

Lions Club visit

Lions Club visited HIPerWall Dec. 29th. Prof. Jenks and I were there to give presentations for two groups back to back. I only had a chance to take four pictures though.

The guest of honor was the International President, Al Brandel, who is the head of the organization overseeing about 1.4 million members.


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